Importance of Daily Pooja In Our Life

Importance of Daily Pooja In Our Life

Pooja PaathNov 22, '201 comment


A simple act of daily pooja can help renew faith, and bring the whole family together for a wholesome start for the day. A daily pooja is a combination of the following

  1. Decorating of idols and or images
  2. Ringing of bells
  3. Aarti with a lamps or camphor
  4. Recitation of songs and hymns

There are a lot of benefits of making pooja a daily habit. The real importance of daily pooja can only be understood when we actually do it.

Starts the day positively

Pooja bring peace and contentment to the soul. When you start the day with pooja, you are starting your day with positivity and peace. This puts you in the right frame of mind when dealing with the problems and challenges of the day.

Unites the family

Doing pooja together as a family every day, creates a ritual of the entire family spending time together. With smartphones, and TV, today even when we spend time together as a family, we either watch TV together, or look at our phones when we are supposed to be paying attention to each other. Doing a pooja together creates a time and place where we are not distracted and are thankful for being a family together.

Generates harmonious vibrations

Doing pooja purifies the mind and creates positive vibrations in the house. By communing with, we bring God to our home along with all the positive energy and harmony. This blesses our home and creates positive energy that flows through to the rest of the day.

Helps you handle challenges

When we are faced with challenges and problems, our mind and body is disturbed and agitated. This creates confusion and anxiety. Pooja helps us focus our mind, body, and soul towards one object – the deity. This helps us find the balance and the calmness of temper to handle any problems or challenges.

Re-affirms your faith

For anything to grow, it needs to be nurtured. Today, we are constantly bombarded with negative messages and noise from everywhere. During this period of turmoil, we need something good in our life. We need our faith to be strong. And our faith becomes strong by doing pooja. The scent of incense, the sound of the pooja bell, the inner peace that comes from talking to god, these are the pillars of our strength.


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Very insightful article. Thanks for publishing.

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