Spiritual Ascension – The Deep Dive Within!

Spiritual Ascension – The Deep Dive Within!

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Meditation - Know Your Self


The quest to know oneself is the deepest dive that one can make inside of oneself.

Only after one has done this deep dark dive within oneself and recovered from it, does it become possible for the individual self to understand this MIRACLE called LIFE, which is the energy that keeps everything in existence meaningful, purposeful, and ALIVE, this energy that is thriving within us also creates the external experiences of our life.

When the time is right for the individual to go diving within, the universe creates such circumstances for the individual to facilitate this deep dark dive.

In the depths of our minds lie the hidden secrets of LIFE!

The human spirit is naturally encoded with the desire to explore. Exploring in the external realm is offers a limited experience. Being a Diver myself and a spiritual seeker, I can establish the correlation between a physical dive profile and the spiritual dive profile.

  • The quest to dive within is a journey driven by the individual spirit to explore, a very few can take to this course of their own will. Most of humanity is experiencing this as an unvoluntary experience because of the energy vortex created because of the powerful spirit of an individual taking this deep dive.
  • The deeper one goes the darker, murkier, and thicker the situation and the environment gets.
  • The stronger the Spirit the greater the desire to dive deep, there is no limit to internal depth.
  • A lot of physical, emotional, and psychological energy is used, and damage can also occur if the safe limits are exceeded.
  • To get down to the depths is relatively easy and quick, however, to recover from a deep dive is a slow upward ascent and is followed by a period termed in diving as bend watch. Bend watch is a period when the individual must take good care of oneself and be sympathetic to others around who may have supported their quest to explore within or may have suffered from the energy vortex of this deep dark dive within.
  • To reach the absolute deepest depth one needs to build upon the depth of excursion, the bottom time at the depth is directly linked to the depth of the dive and the individual capacity to sustain all faculties at that depth, the return to the surface (decompression) is slow and mired with the danger of fatality it is a very slow process. However, when anyone undertakes this deep dark dive within with absolute awareness, the experience is that which can never be rivaled by any external exploration.
  • The pressure that an individual undergoes are immense and if the dive has been undertaken in awareness the individual undergoes a transformational change at the physical, emotional, psychological and at the spiritual level. Understand that taking this deep dark dive is an individual choice and those who don’t make this choice become part of someone else’s dive.

The difference between physical diving and spiritual diving is

  • Physical diving is in the ocean, spiritual diving is in one’s own mind.

What does one get from Spiritual Diving?

  • The wisdom of life lies in the deepest recesses of the mind.
  • One realizes that there are no limitations in the mind.
  • One understands the fabric of LIFE and how we all are connected to each other and the mind ceases to JUDGE anything and anyone.
  • Spiritual ascension occurs only in the depth of the mind.

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Abdullah on Feb 5, '24

Very good article, I am seeking a better religion and do find that Hinduism is the way forward for all.

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