Maha Shivratri Puja and Upvas Samagri

Shivratri Meaning:

The word Shivratri is formed by the amalgamation of two words, Shiv and Ratri, where Shiv means 'Lord Shiva' and Ratri means Night. Therefore, Shivratri means the night of Lord Shiva.

Maha Shivratri Puja Benefits: The worship of on this day brings in a lot of benefits like:

  1. It makes the body free from diseases and cures even the age-old disease.
  2. Relieves from pain and sufferings
  3. Doing meditation on this day will bring in a high level of concentration and reduces stress
  4. Freedom from Cycle of Rebirth is procured, the devotee attains Moksha.
  5. The sins are reduced and removed.
  6. It helps in getting rid of negativity and evils like jealousy etc.
  7. This puja is performed for married women pray for the well being of their husbands.
  8.  This puja is also performed for unmarried women pray for an ideal husband like Shiva.


  1. Shivling or a photo of Lord Shiva
  2. A mat made up of wool to sit
  3. At least one lamp (diya)
  4. Cotton wicks (batti)
  5. Holy bell (Ghanti)
  6. Kalash or a copper pot (Lota)
  7. A Thali (puja Plate)
  8. White/Red/Yellow cloth for placing Shivling (Aasan)
  9. Matchbox
  10. Incense sticks
  11. Sandal paste
  12. Ghee
  13. Camphor
  14. Sindoor
  15. Vine leaves (Belpatra)
  16. Vibhooti- the holy ash
  17. Arka Flower
  18. Bilwa leaves
  19. Cow's milk, raw
  20. Honey
  21. Prasad (Sweet)
  22. Curd 
  23. Gangajal
  24. Rudraksh Mala
  25. Chandan
  26. Bhasam
  27. A big bowl or vessel to perform abhishek
  28. Ghee
  29. Camphor
  30. Sindoor
  31. Bilwa leaves
  32. Flowers of Dhatoora
  33. Garland of flowers
  34. Real Flower
  35. Rice (Akshata)
  36. Fruits (Any 5 fruits)
  37. Dry fruits
  38. Gandham (perfume or itra)
  39. Panchamrit - A concoction of curd, honey, ghee, sugar and milk
  40. Areca nuts (Supari)
  41. Betel leaf
  42. Cloves
  43. Rosewater
  44. Zaiphal
  45. Gulal
  46. Elaichi or cardamom
  47. Janeu
महाशिवरात्रि पूजा सामग्री:
  1. शिव जी की तस्वीर या छोटा शिवलिंग
  2. बेलपत्र, भांग, धतूरा
  3. मदार पुष्प या फूलों की माला
  4. शमी के पत्ते
  5. कमल और सफेद फूल
  6. गाय का दूध, दही, शक्कर
  7. गंगाजल, महादेव के वस्त्र
  8. माता पार्वती के श्रृंगार का सामान, वस्त्र
  9. जनेऊ, चंदन, केसर, अक्षत्
  10. इत्र, लौंग, छोटी इलायची, पान-सुपारी
  11. मौली, रक्षा सूत्र, भस्म, अभ्रक, कुश का आसन
  12. शहद, बेर, मौसमी फल, खस
  13. शिव चालीसा, शिव आरती, महाशिवरात्रि व्रत कथा की किताब
  14. भोग के लिए हलवा, ठंडाई, लस्सी
  15. हवन सामग्री
  16. दान की सामान, जैसे वस्त्र, अन्न, गुड़, घी आदि
  17. आरती के लिए दीपक, गाय का घी, कपूर

उपवास का सामान:

  • फल
  • मिठाई
  • आलू
  • घी
  • सिंघाड़े का आटा
  • नमक का सेवन करते हों तो फलाहारी नमक


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